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It’s Not Just Snoring: The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Do you snore? Have you discussed it with your dentist? If your answers are yes and no, respectively, know this: Snoring is one of the earliest symptoms of sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening condition, but one that’s often easily treated.

Dec 2nd, 2019
Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

One of the reasons that movie stars look so darn happy is that they’re smiling with a mouthful of beautifully crafted dental veneers. But veneers do so much more than make you look better: They make your teeth work better, too.

Oct 11th, 2019
Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Missing Tooth

Losing a tooth may lead to more trouble than you think. Your remaining teeth may shift, it could be harder to clean your teeth properly, and you can even lose jawbone tissue with time. Dental implants and bridges are two treatment options.

Sep 1st, 2019
Adjusting to Life With Dentures

If you had missing teeth and decided on dentures to fill the gaps, you’re in for a great experience. They should serve you well for many years, but the first few days may be an adjustment. Here’s what you need to know.

Aug 8th, 2019
ClearCorrect vs. Invisalign: Which Is Better?

You’ve decided against braces and are ready to commit to fixing your crooked teeth with clear aligners. But you may wonder which is better: ClearCorrect® or Invisalign®? Learn the similarities and differences to determine the better system for you.

Jul 17th, 2019
Veneers Easily Correct a Wide Variety of Smile Flaws

Does an imperfect smile have you feeling down? Dental veneers can help. A popular cosmetic procedure, veneers can dramatically transform your smile by correcting chips, cracks, gaps, discoloration, and more. Find out if veneers are right for you.

Jun 14th, 2019
How We Help Patients With Sleep Apnea

About 22 million Americans have sleep apnea. A condition that affects your breathing while you sleep, sleep apnea can cause snoring, fatigue, and more. A sleep apnea appliance can keep your airways clear and help you get better sleep. Learn more.

May 14th, 2019
What is a Deep Dental Cleaning and Why Would I Need One?

If you’ve noticed that your teeth are sensitive when you brush and that your gums feel tender, it’s time for a dental checkup. You may have an early stage of gum disease that a special deep cleaning can help control or eliminate.

Apr 4th, 2019
Fast Braces: Learn Whether They Are Right for You

If you’ve been considering braces and don’t want to commit to wearing them for years, you need to know about Fastbraces®. This orthodontic option is a great alternative to traditional braces in many cases.

Mar 13th, 2019