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Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta | Bridges in Atlanta


Dental bridges are an excellent method for replacing missing teeth. With dental bridges, your existing teeth are used to form a bridge that connects the gap where your tooth was removed. These bridges can be manufactured from metal, gold, alloys, or porcelain to mimic the strength and durability present in natural teeth.

How Dental Bridges are Made

The process of constructing a bridge starts with creating abutments. Abutments are fashioned out of the natural teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. These teeth are re-contextualized to provide a stable foundation for the bridge. Once the abutments have been fabricated, a mold of the area is crafted and shipped off to a dental lab. The lab utilizes the mold to help ensure the bridge fits snugly between your existing teeth. Dental bridges typically are comprised of two crowns and a replacement tooth, commonly known as a pontic. The crowns are fitted on the abutments and lined with adhesive to provide a stable and secure fit.

Best Dental Bridges in Atlanta

My Fabulous Smiles couples professional Atlanta dental care with the kind of courteous, friendly service indicative of the company name. The company offers a number of special services, including fitting you with a temporary bridge while the lab crafts your permanent one. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, a temporary bridge provides protection for the abutments. 

When it comes to dental bridges in Atlanta, My Fabulous Smiles offers service and support throughout the entire process. Typically a replacement tooth requires only two visits, one to create the abutments and mold and a second visit to install the dental bridge. However, it may take a short while to become accustomed to the dental bridge. This is why the dentists at My Fabulous Smiles recommend only chewing soft foods for the first few days following the procedure. Once the initial phase is complete, you should be able to consume whatever you please with no problems. In fact, most patients will feel as if they are eating with their natural teeth. 

Individuals who have lost a tooth should greatly consider the benefits of dental bridges. A missing tooth creates issues far beyond uncomfortable chewing and a dour smile. Missing teeth can result in structural alterations to your mouth and jaw, as well as impediments to your speech. Restore your smile and your health by making an appointment with My Fabulous Smiles, the premier location for dental bridges in Atlanta.

Atlanta Dentist | Bridges. Danielle Greene is a Atlanta Dentist.