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Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta | Dentures in Atlanta

Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta in Atlanta GA

A smile is often said to be the first feature others notice about you. At Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta dentistry, we specialize in making your smile look as stunning as you are. If you're missing some or even all of your teeth, dentures are a great treatment to consider. These false teeth can be removed and placed back into your mouth at will, and come in two different types.

Available Dentures in Atlanta

The first type, known as conventional full dentures, involves all teeth being removed then allowing your gums a chance to heal. This can take up to a few months, during which no temporary teeth can be worn. Once your gums have properly healed, the dentures can be put in place as normal. 

The second type is known as immediate full dentures. Before having your teeth removed, the dentist will take a measurement of your mouth. You will be given dentures customized to fit your mouth, however, because your gums haven't properly healed yet, they will need to be adjusted again overtime. 

If you're only missing a few teeth, partial dentures are another option to consider. Just like immediate and full dentures, these are not permanently attached to your mouth, but instead resemble a removable bridge.

Aftercare For Dentures in Atlanta

After getting your dentures put in place, it may take some getting use to. Many patients report that their new teeth feel bulky or as though there isn't enough room in their mouth. It's also normal for your new teeth to affect the way you eat or talk. You may have trouble pronouncing certain letter sounds, similar to if you've ever had braces placed on your teeth. This is all normal and with some time and practice, you will become quite use to your new dentures.

Dentures may not be real, but should still be treated as if they are. You should have a good oral hygiene regimen such as brushing the teeth daily before removing them, then place them within room temperature water overnight. 

No matter which form of treatment you're considering, when getting dentures in Atlanta at Fabulous Smiles, you will certainly treated with care.

Atlanta Dentist | Dentures. Danielle Greene is a Atlanta Dentist.