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Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta | Clear Correct in Atlanta

Clear Correct

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are a treatment offered by Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta. Dr. Danielle Greene is a pioneer in the field of dentistry and is proud to offer clear braces for her patients’ oral care needs. Utilizing a cutting edge product called Clear Correct, Dr. Greene gives adult and teen patients fabulous smiles with a fraction of the pain and embarrassment of traditional metal braces. 

What is Clear Correct?

Clear Correct is a modern method of teeth straightening using a transparent aligner that fits over the teeth.

How does Clear Correct Differ from Traditional Braces?

Traditional metal braces are cemented to the teeth for up to three years or even longer. Clear Correct aligners are easily removed by the wearer and the treatment period typically lasts only 12-18 months. Metal braces are conspicuous. Clear braces are transparent and virtually invisible.

Metal braces need frequent and often painful readjustment. After two weeks the Clear Correct wearer graduates to a new size aligner. No painful adjustments are needed. 

Metal braces contribute to tooth decay because the wearer cannot get their teeth sufficiently clean after eating. Certain foods are frowned upon, such as sandwiches. Clear Correct aligners are removed before eating or drinking and the teeth are free from encumbrance for effective brushing and flossing. No foods are prohibited.

How Do I Know if Clear Braces are Right for Me? 

Only your dentist can make the final decision about whether Clear Correct is right for you. If you suffer from overbite, underbite, spacing or crowding issues, crooked teeth, or just need more confidence when you smile, Clear Correct may be right for you. For a professional and courteous evaluation, contact Fabulous Smiles of Atlanta.

What Can I Expect?

After you and Dr. Greene have determined that Clear Correct is right for you, your treatment will be planned using a computer program. You will be fitted for your first aligner. Every two weeks, you will graduate to a new appliance. Your success will rely heavily on your consistency in wearing the appliance at least twenty hours each day. At the end of the treatment, your new fabulous smile will be permanent!

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